A WHALE of a Fishing Story

We’ve encountered huge sunfish, manta rays leaping through the air, and enormous schools of porpoises. But perhaps the most special encounters are with WHALES…

That’s right. WHALES.

Whale tale

We’ve seen everything from small pilot whales to giant whales – with the huge flukes of their tales spread wide as they sounded. My friends always ask, “What type of whale?” to which I typically reply, “Big.”

I’m not too versed on identifying whale species.

***[We’re fishing hard this time of year so this week I’m reposting an earlier blog in case you missed it.]***

On one occasion we spotted two whales.  It appeared that a female was being courted by a male who repeatedly stood on his head and slammed his tail on the surface (as single men commonly do during their mating ritual).  I don’t know if the female was impressed, but I sure was, though not in the way he intended for the other whale, I’m sure.

On one trip, we were open water trolling 75 miles south of the Florida panhandle when a whale began swimming off Vixen’s starboard side. It sounded, then popped up on our port side.  He swam along staring at us with an eye the size of my fist.  Finally, he must have see all he wanted and disappeared— or so we thought.

A moment later, line began burning off the left flat reel as the whale surfaced behind the boat in the middle of our spread and became hooked on one of our baits.  Sensing that all was not right the whale took off swimming faster than I imagined possible breaking the line in the process.

I hated that we had inadvertently hooked the creature, but then I thought—wow! How many people can say they actually hooked a whale?

Disclaimer: Frank Wilem is an author, speaker, and all around funny and entertaining guy. On this blog, his stories are based on his real life experiences, often with a satirical twist.

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