Tomcars and Guns

As we recently experienced first hand, it rains a lot on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We average nearly six inches in May, alone. But in Phoenix, Arizona, they average a mere eight inches per year with only a tenth of an inch in May.

So, a few years back, when I, my wife, Dee Dee, and my daughter Brittany decided to take a Tomcar tour in Arizona during the late spring, we expected nice, dry, perhaps dusty yet pleasant conditions. That did not happen. Instead, we ended up slogging through the mud and puddles with our good friends, Ed and Priscilla Banas. Yes, actual mud puddles, a true rarity in a desert environment. But we were not about to let this stop our fun.



The Tomcar was designed to be a tough, military-grade, off-road vehicle and was developed by Israel’s Defense Forces. This is why Desert Wolf Tours, operated by an Israeli, chose it for their customers to explore the Sonoran Desert.

Britt behind the wheel of our Tom Car

Britt behind the wheel of our Tomcar

It was a fun tour in which we got to drive our very own Tomcar through the desert hills to see an abandoned turquoise mine. We  even saw the ruins where the American Indians engaged the U.S. Calvary from a natural citadel that had been further developed to serve as a small fort.

Ruins of Indian fort

Ruins of Indian fort

Should you travel that way, I highly recommend that you follow in our tire tracks. And if you enjoy firearms, they offer the ability to fire anything, from a pistol to a .50 caliber rifle.

While we didn’t go for the firearms option, we do enjoy target practice,particularly Britt. Nothing says girlie-girl like the sound of a 62-grain piece of lead travelling at 3000 ft./sec. Okay, maybe not girlie-girl, but certainly no-nonsense, modern-day woman.

"You best not mess with her!"

“You best not mess with her!”

I took her, Dee Dee, my son Chris, and Britt’s friend, Louise out to do just that on a beautiful spring day last year. I had some beer with expired date codes from our boat, Vixen, and we had fun “killing” a few cans. Louise brought along her professional-grade camera and got a few great action shots.

She nailed a beer!

She nailed a beer!



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